Valet 552T Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Valet 552T system uses replacement remote: 491T, EZSDEI490, EZSDEI491, EZSDEI471

Disarm the Alarm and the red LED must be off before programming. If the alarm sounds when you open the door or start the vehicle without even using a working remote then press the valet switch/button while the ignition is ON. If did not work try it again while the ignition is OFF.

Perform these steps to program your new remote:

1. Leave the driver’s door open.
2. Press the valet button.
3. Turn the ignition to ON position.
4. Within 5 seconds of step 3 press the valet button once, release it, press it again and hold it.
5. Within 5 seconds press left button on remote for 2 seconds.
6. Release the valet switch/button, press again, and release it, press again, hold it. Press the right button on the remote and release the valet switch/button, press again, release it, press again and hold it. Press both buttons on the remote. Then release the valet switch/button.
7. Turn the ignition OFF.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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