Valet 519H Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Valet 519H system uses replacement remote: 491T, EZSDEI490, EZSDEI491, EZSDEI471

Before programming the remote to the system make sure the Alarm and the red LED are off. Press the valet switch/button while the ignition is ON if the alarm sounds when you open the door or start the car. If it did not work, try it again while the ignition is OFF.

Steps to program the Remote to the System:

1. The driver’s door must be left opened until the remote is programmed.
2. Press the valet switch/button.
3. Turn the ignition to ON. DO NOT start the engine.
4. Within 5 seconds of step 3 press the valet/program, release it, press it again and hold it. You may hear a chirp, beep, or honk.
5. Within 5 seconds press left button on remote for 2 seconds. You may hear chirp, beep, or honk.
6. Release the valet switch/button, press again, and release it, press again, hold it. Press the right button on the remote (get chirp, beep, or honk) and release the valet switch/button, press again, release it, press again and hold it. Press both buttons on the remote and get a chirp, beep, or honk. Then release the valet switch/button and turn the ignition OFF.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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