Sidewinder 5000 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Sidewinder 5000 system uses replacement remote: 492T, EZSDEI467, EZSDEI492, EZSDEI493, EZSDEI493C

A valet switch/button should be plugged in to the blue port of your receiver before you proceed programming the remote:

1. Leave the driver’s door open.
2. Turn the key in the ignition to ON position.
3. Within 15 seconds, press the Valet switch/button the number of times corresponding to the channel you wish to program. Once you have selected the channel, press the button once more and HOLD it. The unit will chirp one, two or three times depending on the channel selected. Do NOT release the Valet/Program button.

4. While holding the Valet switch/button, press the button on the remote that you would like to control. One chirp will confirm that code has been saved. Release the valet switch/button.

You can advance from one channel to another by releasing the Valet switch/button and tapping it to advance channels and holding it. For example:You programmed channel two. Release the Valet switch/button. Press it once to advance from channel one to channel two. Press and hold the button and the unit will chirp twice. As before, do not release button yet. Then if you want to program channel three after programming channel two, release the Valet switch/button, press the button again and release it to advance to channel three. Then press and hold it. The siren will chirp three times to confirm that it is ready to receive the code from the transmitter.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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