Python PC 1000 HF Key Fob Programming Instructions

This DEI Python PC 1000 HF system uses replacement remote: EZSDEI471, 471T, 471C

Your system can pair up with a maximum of 4 remotes. It also comes with one remote that’s already programmed to it.

Follow the steps below to program the remote to the system or to change the button’s functions.

1. Turn the ignition On. Make sure you did not star the engine.

2. In 10 seconds, press the valet switch/button the number of times corresponding to the desired channel listed below. Then press the button one more time and HOLD it.The LED will flash to confirm. Do not release the button/switch.

3. While holding the valet switch/button, press the button on the remote that you’d like to program.

4. You can release the valet switch/button once the remote’s button is programmed.

You can program from 1 channel to another by releasing the valet switch and tapping it to advance steps and then holding it. For instance: You have programmed Channel 1 and want to program Channel 2. Release the valet switch. Press it one time and release it to advance from Channel 1 to Channel 2. Now, press and HOLD the valet switch. The LED will flash two times. As before, do not release it. If you want to program the 3rd channel after programming Channel 1, release the Program switch, press it twice and release it to advance to Channel 3. Then press it again and HOLD it. LED will flash three times to confirm it’s ready to program the remote.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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