Python 5706P Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Python 5706P system uses replacement remote: 7111L, 7111A, 7111R

Place the system on programming mode:

1. Open one door.
2. Turn the key in the ignition to ON position.
3. Within 5 seconds press the control button once.

4. Within 5 seconds press and hold control button. If the system is ready to learn remotes the LED will flash in a single flash sequence. The siren or horn will make a single sounds if connected. Release the control button.

Now here’s how to program the remote:

5. Press and hold the “f” button for 8 seconds. The remote beeps once, MAIN MENU mis displayed. Release “f” button.
6. Press AUX until REMOTE PAIR is displayed.

7. Press and hold the “f” button until the remote beeps 3 times. Release button.
8. Press the lock button.
9. If programming is successful the siren chirps and the remote emits several tones. The screen displays if pairing is successful or failed. If it fails go back to step 4.
10. Press unlock once you’re done to exit programming mode.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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