Python 4606P Key Fob Programming Instructions

This DEI Python 4606P  system uses replacement remote: 7656P, EZSDEI7656A

All Autostart transmitters do not come preprogrammed. They must be “CODE LEARNED” at the time of installation. The unit will hold up to 4 transmitter codes in memory.
To program a new transmitter:
1. Raise the hood
2. Turn valet switch “off”.
3. Turn ignition “on”.
4. Turn valet switch “ON”. Parking lights SHOULD turn on for 5 seconds.
5. Press channel 1 on transmitter within 5 seconds of step 4. (lights will flash 5 times fast, and 2 times slow)
6. Turn ignition off and close the hood.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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  1. I had to change the battery on my remove and now I need to get it to work again. How do I program it to start, lock/unlock my doors and open the hatch. Do you help with that?


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