Prestige APS787N Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Prestige APS787N system uses replacement remote: APS2K4S50, ELVATOC

Perform steps below:

1. Turn the ignition ON. (Don’t start the engine)
2. Press the valet switch/button on – off – on – off- on then off.
3. The LED will flash once, and you’ll hear a chirp from the siren once.

4. To assign any of the 3 remote’s button functions to channel one just just perform steps below:
a) Press button #1 on the remote.
b) Press button #2 on the remote.
c) Press both buttons simultaneously on the remote.

5 Press and hold the selected choice a, b, or c above, until the siren chirps to confirm that programming the channel 1 was successful.
6. Turn the valet switch/button on then off.
7. The L. E. D. will flash twice and the siren chirps once.
8. You can assign any of the two remaining button functions listed in 4a, 4b, or 4c above to operate channel 2. You cannot use the button(s) that operate channel 1, selected in step 5 to operate channel 2.
9. Press and hold the selected choice. The siren chirps which means programming channel 2 was successful.
10. Turn the valet/bypass switch on, and then off again.
11. The dash mounted L.E.D. will flash 3 times and the siren chirps once, indicating that the system is ready to accept programming for channel 3.
12. Press and hold the remaining transmitter button function. The siren will make a long chirp to confirm that programming of channel 3 was successful.
13. Turn the ignition OFF to turn programming mode OFF.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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