Omega Mars 22 Remote Programming Instruction

This Omega Mars 22 system uses replacement remote: M65NVT504, 341-02C, 342-02B, 352-07C, 352-07B, 343-03, 343-02

Note: Your system will exit the programming mode after 15 seconds of being idle.

1) Twist the key in the ignition to ON position.
2) Within 7 seconds press the valet switch/button 5 times. You’ll hear a chirp as a confirmation from putting the system to programming mode.
3) Press the LOCK button on your remote (for Freedom 500, C-5, and K9 Mundial2, press 2nd or 3rd channel. For MARS-22, press Lock & Unlock at the same time). And you’ll hear short siren chirp.
4) Re-do step 3 adding another remote to the system (up to 4 remotes).

Note: Disarm the alarm first and make sure valet switch is accessible before you program the remote to the system.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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