Crimestopper EZ-45DP Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Crimestopper EZ-45DP system uses replacement remote: CS-55TX, CHX433TX

Transmitter Programming:
Notes: Remote Transmitters/Transceivers come pre-programmed from the Factory. When re-learning remotes or adding remotes, ALL your system’s remote codes must be learned at time of programming!! These systems aloow storage of up to 4 different remote codes in memory. The “Sidekcik” transmitters for the TW1/TW2 and FM systems are a special model that is not compatible with each other.

1. Open hood (ground the Blue pin wire if no hood pin is installed.)
2. Turn key to the ON position. (Do not start vehicle) Pink wire must be connected!
3. Press Program/Valet button 4 times. Wait for the unit to flash the parking lights and/or honk horn exactly 4 times.
4. 1-Way systems: Press button#1 (Lock) of the transmitter to be learned. 2-Way systems: Both the Lock & Unlock buttons must be pressed. You should get 2 light flashes and 2 horn honks indicating the code-learn. Now the unit is waiting for a 2nd code, so repeat this step as needed with up to 3 additional remotes. The unit will flash the lights in succession after each code learned for up to 4 codes. (3 flashes for the 2nd code, 5 flashes for the 3rd code and 0 for 4th code.) If all 4 codes are learned, the unit will automatically exit code learning mode, otherwise turn key OFF and close the hood.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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