Crimestopper CS-9701 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Crimestopper CS-9701  system uses replacement remote: CS-361TX, J5523518T1, M65NVTX464

PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 335, 336, 355, 361, 340, 341, 342, 360, 365, 366
1. Turn Ignition ON and OFF3 times quickly, leaving it ON the 3rd time. (ON/OFF,ON/OFF,ON) you should heard 3 chirps.
2. Press the Program/Override button 5 times and you should hear 5 light flashes and 5 siren chirps.
3 Press #1 (lock) button on the remote 2 times for the 360-336-365-366tx’s and 1 time for the regular TX.
4 Repeat the steps above for the second and 3rd Remote.
5. Turn off Ignition. Siren will chirp 3 times and lights will flash 3 times for exit confirmation.
NOTE: This system will learn a total of 4 remotes max.
SYSTEM can learn up to 3 different codes max.
1. Turn Ignition ON and OFF 3 times quickly, leaving it ON the 3rd time. (ON/OFF,ON/OFF,ON) You should hear (1) Short chirp.
2. Push the Program/Override Button for 5 seconds until the siren chirps (3) times. Release the button. The system is now in programming mode.
3. Press Button #1 on new transmitter-siren will chirp to confirm programming. Repeat step 3 within 5 sec. for up to 2 additional transmitters.
4. Turn off Ignition.
Note 2: If only one transmitter is being programmed, continue pressing button #1 until dash LED flashes goes out and The system chirps to exit programming mode to prevent unauthorized codes and noise from entering the system.
Note 2: Programming mode is exited automatically after 5 seconds of last code transmission or once 3 new codes.
If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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