Crimestopper CAS-969DC Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Crimestopper CAS-969DC system uses replacement remote: CS-333PI, CS-334DC, CHXPI9695

Instructions for alarm system:

1. Look for the alarm system in usually installed under the dash.
2. Then find and ground the White/Red Test mode wire.
3. Turn ignition ON. (Dash lights and buzzers) LED will turn solid for about 4 seconds indicating that the system is in programming mode.
4. Press and hold the valet button/switch (Red or Black momentary button mounted in vehicle).
5. Press the 1st (Larger) Button on the remote.
6. You’ll hear a chirp which means the remote has been programmed. Go back to steps 4 & 5 to add more remotes (maximum of 4).
7. Disconnect the white/red wire.
8. Turn the ignition OFF, then test the remote(s).


1. Open hood (Ground hood pin wire if no hood pin is present in your installation).
2. Turn ignition on.
3. Press and hold brake pedal, then press program button until parking lights turn ON solid, (Parking lights should come on in about 1 second)
4. Release only program button.
5. With BRAKE still Depressed, Press and hold program button again.
6. Within 4 seconds press the button on the new remote you wish to be the remote start button.
7. Parking lights will flash once to confirm programming.
8. CLOSE HOOD FIRST, Then press and release BRAKE PEDAL to clear parking lights.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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