Code Alarm CA630 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Code Alarm CA630 system uses replacement remote: GOH-FRDPC2002

Keychain transmitters included with the system have been pre-programmed at the factory. Each button has been pre-assigned to control a specific function of the system. The system will save codes from up to 8 different remote. First remote programmed to the system will be erased from the system’s memory if a 9th transmitter is programmed.

NOTE: Make sure the alarm system must be disarmed and out of Valet mode before programming the remote:

1. Open the driver’s door Car’s interior light should turn on.
2. Turn the key in the ignition to ON or RUN position without starting the engine.
3. Press and Hold the emergency override button.
3a. After 10 seconds the horn will honk 3 times. This indicates that the system has entered transmitter programming mode.
4. Release the emergency override button.
5. Press LOCK button on the remote to be programmed.
5a. The horn/siren will sound once, indicating that the system has programmed the remote.
6. Go back to step 5 for additional remotes.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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