Code Alarm CA100 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Code Alarm CA100 system uses replacement remote: H50T30, CATX100

                                                                                                     H50T30,CATX100 remote

ATTENTION: Your system can only program up to 4 remotes. If you program more than 4 remotes it will start deleting remote codes in chronological order.

1. Within 15 seconds, turn your key in the ignition to OFF/ON 3 times and leave it in ON position.
2. Press the valet switch 3 times holding it on the 3rd time until a long chirp is heard, then release it. You will be in programming mode after doing so.
3. Press and hold any buttons on your remote until the siren responds with a chirp. Which means your remote is now programmed.
4. Do step 3 for additional remotes.
5. Turn your key to OFF once you’re done. Three long chirps and three parking light flashes will confirm it.

Note: 15 seconds of inactivity will time-out the procedure.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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