Clifford Concept Cyber4 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Clifford Concept  Cyber4 system uses replacement remote: 904095, 904100, CZ57RRKO

Programming instruction:

1. Start the engine or leave the key turned to ON position in the ignition.
2. Enter your PIN # using the Plainview 2 valet switch.
Note: The Factory default PIN is “2” and can be entered by pressing the * button twice then the ‘blank’ button once on the Plainview 2 valet switch.
3. Press and HOLD the * button until you hear one chirp and the Status LED turns on, then RELEASE the * button.
4. Press the ‘blank’ button once. Pause until you hear the chirp.
5. Press the * button once. The siren will chirp once as you push the button.
6. Press the lock/unlock button on your new transmitter. The siren will chirp once.
7. Press the lock/unlock button a second time. The siren will chirp twice which mean the remote has been successfully programmed.
8. Turn the ignition off and remove the key. The alarm will chirp three times.
9. Test the remote by pressing the lock/unlock button.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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