Carbine model PLUS-5900 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Carbine model PLUS-5900 system uses replacement remote: ELVNTRFA, CA-RFLCD2

This system can save up to 4 remote in it’s memory and will delete saved remotes in chronological order once forced to program another one while memory is full.

1. Twist the key in the ignition going to ON position.

2. Push the valet switch/button 3 times. You’ll hear a chirp and you’re now programming mode.

3. Press the LOCK button on the first remote until you hear a chirp/beep (which means remote has been programmed).

4. Go back to step 3 for adding another remote.

5. Once you’re done, either turn the ignition off or wait for 15 seconds for the system to turn programming mode by itself. It will confirm by making one short and one long chirps/beeps.

If your vehicle’s system was installed without the valet switch you can order one and install it to make it easier to do the programming.

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