Autopage RF-420LCD Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Autopage RF-420LCD system uses replacement remote: XT-33, H50T21

Please Note: If the memory exceeded, the security system will start deleting saved remotes from it’s memory in chronological order. These types of systems can only save a maximum of 4 remotes in it’s memory.

1. Twist the key in ignition OFF/ON 3 times and stay in ON position.
2. Within 15 seconds push the valet switch/button 2 times and hold it on your 2nd push until a long chirp is heard then release it. You are now in the programming mode.
3. Press and hold any button on the remote until the siren responds with a chirp, which means the remote has been programmed.
4. If you have an additional remote, just repeat step 3 for each remotes.

Twist the key in the ignition to OFF postion. Three long chirps and 3 parking light flashes indicates the programming mode is off.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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