Autopage RF-310 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This Autopage RF-310 system uses replacement remote: XT-33, H50T21

This mode will only retain the last 4 remote transmitters programmed. If the transmitter memory is exceeded, the security system will start deleting transmitters from memory in chronological order. In the event, that you’d need to add or replace a Remote just follow the instructions below.

1. Turn the key in the ignition OFF/ON 3 times and stay in ON position.
2. Within 15 seconds push the valet switch 2 times and holding in on 2nd push until a long chirp is heard then release the valet switch. This means you’re in programming mode.
3. Press and hold any button on the transmitter until the siren responds with a confirming chirp, indicating the signal has been stored into memory.
4. If you have additional transmitters (a maximum of 4) that need to be programmed, repeat step 3 for each transmitter.

Turn ignition to OFF position, or leave it for 15 seconds. 3 long chirps & 3 parking light flashes will confirm exit.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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