AutoCommand Ultimate model 21124 Key Fob Programming Instructions

AutoCommand Ultimate model 21124 system uses replacement remote: ELGTX4, 29961, 29971, 29961

WARNING: Putting the system in programming mode will erase all programmed remote from it’s memory. So, make sure to reprogram your existing remotes after programming the new one.

To program the remote you need to access the module of the the system. It is often located under the driver’s side of the dash, mounted above the pedals. The module is 9″ long by 2″ wide with two push buttons and one LED on the side.

1. Turn the Switch ON.
2. Push the red or programming button. The red LED and the dash lights turn on for a second.
3. Press and hold the START button for 5 seconds until the red LED and dash lights turns on again for a second.
4. When programming another remote (a maximum of 3), immediately (within 5 seconds) press and hold the same button for 5 seconds until the red LED turns on for a second.
5. Turn the Switch OFF and wait 10 seconds after the remote has been programmed, the LED, ignition at accessories will flash 4 times before turning the programming mode off.
6. Test the remote.
7. If did not work fine, repeat the same procedure by pressing the LOCK button on step 3.

Another and short procedure: Turn the Switch ON, Press the red or programming button on the receiver, you’ll get a blink from your LED light, press the lock or START button on the remote, turn the Switch to OFF, wait for 4 blinks on the LED, then test the remote.

Some models like 20036/20038 and 25536/25538 have other programming instruction just follow the steps below:

1. Turn the Switch ON
2. Flip the dip switch #1 down “ON” the Green LED on the module and the dash lights will turn on for a second. (The remote starter powers the ignition and accessory wires).
3. Press and hold the LOCK/UNLOCK button for 5 seconds until the Green LED and the dash lights turns on for a second again which means the remote has been programmed. Then release the button on your remote.
4. To add more remotes just press and hold the LOCK/UNLOCK for 5 seconds on the unprogrammed remote until the Green LED and the dash lights come for a second.
5. Flip dip switch #1 up “OFF”. The Green LED and the dash lights will flash 4 times to exit the programming mode.

If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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