AstroStart-AstroFlex MV802 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This AstroStart-AstroFlex MV802 system uses replacement remote: 310-052-161-00, J5FRS-3T310-052-162-00

Four different remote controls can be programmed for a given vehicle. If a 5th remote is added the 1st is deleted. When the first code learned command is sent, all the old codes are cleared. Therefore, if you want to add a new remote, all the old ones must be programmed as well.

1. Open hood.
2. Place key in ignition and turn to RUN position.
3. Apply the brake once.
4. You now have 10 seconds to turn the key from RUN to STOP position 3 times.
5. If this sequence is correctly carried out, the control module flashes parking lights.
6. Press any button on the new remote control (except the panic button). When access code of new remote is memorized, the control module will respond with 1 flash of the parking lights.
7. Repeat the above procedures for each remote control that has to be programmed, up to four remotes.
8. Apply the brake.
9. New remotes are ready and now added to the system.

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