AS-5100TW IVU Key Fob Programming Instructions

This AS-5100TW IVU system uses replacement remote: AS-5100TW HHU, NAHRLED4

This allows the installer to program the unit. Once the system is in programming mode, the installer will have up to 20-second delay, the system will exit programming mode.
The Programming Assitance Button (a.k.a PAB)
The PAB is located on the side of the module. This push button mimics the hood-pin switch in order to avoid having to get out of the vehicle and pressing the hood-pin switch. The PAB will work only when the hood is up.
a) Transmitter Programming 
b) Programming Options 
c) Honk Horn/Siren Timing Adjustment
d) Tach Programming 
Note: For vehicles that require the ignition to be turned ON to activate the brake, follow these steps:
a. After flashing the hood, turn the ignition ON; The parking lights will turn OFF 
b. After 4 seconds the parking lights will turn ON and then press the brake.
Transmitter Programming Procedure
1. Enter programming mode – the parking lights will stay on for up to 20 seconds.
2. Before the lights go out, turn the ignition key to the ignition On (Run) position and immediately to the OFF position.
3. Press and hold Lock button and keep it down until the siren chirps twice.
4. The transmitter has been stored in memory.
Each unit can store 4 remotes in its memory. To program a transmitter on the second vehicle for multi-car operation, you must press the button Trunk (instead of Lock or Unlock) in step 3 of the transmitter programming procedure:
If you can’t find your valet switch click here.

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