2008 Chevrolet Express Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for RS,L,U,P remote with part # 20868672, 20952474, 15913421, 20868672, 22759546, 22936098, 25771045, 15857837, FCC id OUC60270 on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 0868672, 20952474, 15913421, 20868672, 22759546, 22936098, 25771045, 15857837,OUC60270
Replacement Remote
NOTE: You can system can save/program up to 8 remotes in it’s memory. Before we start programming put your key in the ignition and turn it to ON position. (Don’t start the engine) so you can access the (DIC)

The figure on top will be your guide when programming the remote.
1. Press the vehicle information button until the “Press (check) to reprogram a remote” displays.
2. Press the set/reset button until the Remote Programming Active is displayed.

3. Press and hold both LOCK and UNLOCK on the remote at the same time for 15 seconds. For vehicles with the memory recall seats, first remote programmed will be driver 1 and the second will be driver 2 and so on. You’ll hear a chrime which indicates the remote has been programmed.
4. If you’re programming another (a maximum of 8) remote just go back to step 3.
5. To turn the programming mode off just twist the key to Lock then back to Off position in the ignition.

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