2003 Toyota Corolla Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming  instruction works on this 3B remote with part # 89742-06010 and FCC id GQ43VT14T

Replacement Remote 89742-06010 GQ43VT14T
Replacement Remote

1. Before going to programming mode make sure:
a. There are no keys in the ignition.
b. Your door (Driver’s door) is open and unlocked others are closed.
2. Now, do this twice within 5 seconds:
a. Put your key in and out the ignition. (Don’t start the engine)
3. Do these within 40 seconds:
a. Close then open the door twice.
b. Put your key in the ignition and pull it out once.

4. Within 40 seconds, perform these steps:
a. Close then open the Driver’s door twice.
b. Insert the key in the ignition.
c. Close the Driver’s door.
d. Turn the key in the ignition to the ON position then turn it back off. (Make sure the engine did not start)
e. Take the key off the ignition.
5. In 3 seconds the door locks will lock and unlock. It means you’re now in programming mode. If not, go back to step 1.

6. Perform these steps within 40 seconds:
a. Press the lock and unlock buttons on the transmitter simultaneously for 1 second.
b. Immediately after releasing the lock and unlock buttons, press the unlock button by itself and hold for 2 seconds. Within 3 seconds, the door locks should cycle (lock then unlock) once indicating successful programming. If the door locks cycle twice, repeat steps 6a and 6b for this remote as it has not been accepted.
7. Open driver’s door.

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