2003 Lexus LX470 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for RHK L,U,P remote with part # 89070-60801 FCC id and part # 60140 no triangle on unlock on the back of it.

Replacement Remote
1. Start with the following conditions:
a. Key is out of the ignition
b. Driver door is OPEN (all other doors are closed).
c. Driver door is unlocked.

2. Insert the key into the ignition (don’t turn it) and pull it out.
3. Perform these steps within 40 seconds:
a. Using the power lock/unlock switch on the driver’s door, perform 5 lock/unlock cycles starting with lock. A lock/unlock cycle consists of pressing the power lock switch, followed  by pressing the power unlock switch on the driver’s door panel. Use an even pace and try  to go relatively fast.
b. Close then open the driver’s door.

4. Perform these steps within 40 seconds:
a. Perform 5 lock/unlock cycles again with the switch on the driver’s door starting with lock.
b. Insert the key in the ignition cylinder.
c. Turn the ignition to ON (as far as you can go without cranking your engine) then back to  OFF.
d. Remove the key from the ignition.
5. Within 3 seconds, the power door locks should cycle (lock then unlock) automatically indicating  successful entry into programming mode. Return to Step 1 if the locks do not cycle at this point.

6. Perform these steps within 40 seconds:
a. Press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the transmitter simultaneously for 1 second and  release.
b. Immediately after letting go of the lock and unlock buttons, press the LOCK button by  itself and release. Within 3 seconds, the door locks should cycle (lock then unlock) once  indicating successful programming. If the door locks cycle twice (two lock and unlock  cycles), this means your remote has not been accepted. Repeat steps 6a and 6b until the  door locks cycle only once.
c. Repeat steps 6a and 6b for each new transmitter.
7. Close the driver’s door.
8. Test transmitter(s) for function.

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