2003 Chrysler Prowler Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instruction works on this remote with part # 04686481, 04686481AB, 04686481AC, 56049249AA, 04686481AF, and FCC id GQ43VT13T

Replacement Remote 04686481, 04686481AB, 04686481AC, 56049249AA, 04686481AF, GQ43VT13T
Replacement Remote
1. Press the LOCK button 5 times on any working (programmed) remote at 2 second intervals to re synchronize.
2. Turn the ignition to the RUN position (Don’t start the engine). Wait for chimes to stop.
3. Using the working (programmed) remote, press and hold the UNLOCK button on for between 4 and 10 seconds.
4. Within the specified 4 to 10 seconds, just keep on pressing the UNLOCK button and press the PANIC button for 1 second then release both buttons. A chime will sound to indicate that you’re now in programming mode has been entered (allow 3 seconds for chime to sound).
5. Within 30 seconds of the chime, press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously then press and release just the UNLOCK button on the SAME remote. A chime will sound indicating the transmitter has been re-programmed. Repeat this step (press and release the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons simultaneously then press and release just the UNLOCK button) for each new transmitter you wish to program. A chime will sound after each additional transmitter is programmed.
6. Turn the ignition to OFF position, remove the keys to exit from programming mode.
7. Test each remotes function to make sure.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If, the door locks unlock instead of giving you a chime at the “press and
release just the UNLOCK button” in the second line at step 5, then you need to reverse steps
1 and 2.

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