2003 Acura MDX Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for #1 3B remote with part # 72147-S3V-A13 FCC id E4EG8D-444H-A and part # G8D-444H-A on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 72147-S3V-A13, E4EG8D-444H-A, G8D-444H-A
Replacement Remote
WARNING: Placing your car on programming mode will remove all existing remote codes in the system. This means you will need to reprogram your existing remotes and the new ones if you prefer to have multiple remotes that can control your car’s actions. Unattach your remote and Ignition key from the keychain.
1. Use your remote in your left hand and your key in your right hand. Insert your key into the ignition.
2. Do these steps 3 times in 15 seconds:
a. Turn the ignition to ON position. Make sure panel lights are ON and do not start the engine.
b. Press the UNLOCK button on the remote once.
c. Turn the ignition back to LOCK position and leave it.
3. Within 5 seconds turn the ignition to ON.
4. Press the UNLOCK button on the same remote and release. The power door locks will cycle to confirm the system is in programming mode.
5. Within 10 seconds press the UNLOCK button on the same remote. The door will lock and unlock to indicate that the system accepted your remote.
6. Repeat step 5 to program other remotes.
7. Turn your key back to LOCK and remove it from the ignition. This indicates that you’re done programming your remotes.

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