2002 ACURA RSX Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for 3B Omron remote with part # 72147-S6M-A02 FCC id OUCG8D-355H-A and part # G8D-355H-A on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 72147-S6M-A02, OUCG8D-355H-A, G8D-355H-A
Replacement Remote
IMPORTANT: Entering the programming mode cancels all learned remote codes, so no previously programmed remotes will work. You must program all remotes, including existing ones now. Separate your ignition key from remotes on key chain.
1. Start with your key in your right hand and any remote in your left hand. Keep all additional remotes easily accessible to your left hand. Insert the key into the ignition.
2. Now, do these steps 3 times in 15 seconds:
a. Turn the ignition to ON position and you’ll notice panel lights will turn on. But you don’t need to start the engine.
b. Press the UNLOCK button on your remote.
c. Turn the ignition to LOCK and leave the key.
3. Within 5 seconds turn the ignition to the ON position.
4. On the remote press the UNLOCK button and your car’s door should lock and unlock. It means you’re in programming mode.
5. Within 10 seconds press the UNLOCK button on your remote and the car door should lock and unlock. Now your remote and the system are married.
6. If you have another remote to program, just repeat the step 5.
7. Once you’re done programming, turn the key back to LOCK position and remove it.

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  1. After I repeat the above procedures 4x as instructed, the passenger door and trunk got unlocked (it was locked) but it only works once. When I press the Lock/Unlock button again, it doesnt work anymore. The CR2025 battery is brand new. It is a 2002 Acura RSX. Please help!


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