1999 ACURA CL Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for L,U,T,P (RED ACURA) remote with part # 72147-SY8-A03 FCC id A269ZUA108.

NOTE: While on programming mode, your system will reset and you will need to reprogram
your existing remotes.
First, you need to remove your key and remote from the keychain.

1. To make your life easier use your key in your right hand and remote in your left hand. After
that, insert your key to the ignition.

2. Now, do these steps 3 times in 5 seconds:

a. Turn the ignition to ON position and you’ll notice panel lights will turn on. But you don’t need to start the engine.
b. Press the UNLOCK button on your remote.
c. Turn the ignition to LOCK and leave the key.
3. Within 5 seconds turn the ignition to the ON position.

4. On the remote press the UNLOCK button and your car’s door should lock and unlock. It
means you’re in programming mode.

5. Within 10 seconds press the UNLOCK button on the same remote again and release. The
door locks will cycle to confirm that the system accepted this remote.

6. Repeat step 5 for second or third remotes.

7. Turn the key back to LOCK and remove from ignition to exit programming mode.

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