1996 Pontiac Transport Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for 2B LUMINA APV remote with part # 10286021, and FCC id ABO0203T on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 10286021, ABO0203T
Replacement Remote
NOTE: Putting the system on programming mode might erase all other remotes from it’s memory. So, make sure to reprogram them as well if you wish to use them.
1. Remove your glove box.
2. Vehicle Ignition must be in the “ON” position.
3. Momentarily depress the “Program” switch on the receiver (accessed through a hole on top of the glove box) and it will acknowledge successful entry into programming mode by locking then unlocking the vehicle doors.
4. Within 10 seconds, press any button on the remote. Door locks should cycle.
5. To program another remote just repeat step 4.
6. Wait 10 seconds after the last transmitter has been programmed and turn the Ignition Switch “OFF”.
7. Test transmitter(s) for function.

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