1996 infiniti J30 Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for INFINITI 4B DOME LIGHT remote with part # 28268-49U10, FCC id A269ZUA073 on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 28268-49U10, A269ZUA073
Replacement Remote
NOTE: When putting the system in programming mode all remote codes will be deleted automatically. So, make sure to reprogram your existing remotes after programming the new one.
1. Open the trunk.
2. Close and lock all doors with power door lock on the driver’s door.
3. Put the key in ignition and remove it 6 times within 10 seconds. Make sure withdraw the key completely each time.

4. Manually unlock and lock the driver door once with the manual knob.
5. In 5 seconds push the LOCK button on the remote.
6. Repeat steps 4 and to add more remotes (a maximum of 4).
7. Unlock driver’s door with manual lock knob, open driver’s door then close it.

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