1992 Cadillac SeVille Key Fob Programming Instructions

This keyless remote programming instructions work for CADDY remote with part # 10269729, 10178734, FCC id AB00702T on the back of it.

Replacement Remote 10269729, 10178734, AB00702T
Replacement Remote
1. Switch ignition to the ON position (don’t crank engine).
2. Locate the Programming Connector (See item 2 in Figure 4) at the back end of the trunk base (not the trunk lid) above the rear bumper. You may have to pull back the trim to access the connector. It is a plastic connector with one wire leading up to it that is NOT plugged into anything.
3. The connector should have one terminal. Ground this terminal to a suitable location (bolt, antenna, etc.) and keep it grounded until completion of the programming sequence. Within 2 seconds of grounding the programming connector, the door locks will automatically cycle (lock then unlock) to indicate entry into programming mode.
4. Press the UNLOCK button on the first transmitter TWO TIMES (pause one second between presses). In response, the door locks will cycle once within 2 seconds. (NOTE: If only one transmitter will be used, press the UNLOCK button TWO TIMES again on the same transmitter and the door locks will cycle once more.)
5. If a second transmitter is to be programmed (including your old one), press the
UNLOCK button on the second transmitter TWO TIMES, pausing one second between presses. In response, the door locks will cycle once within 2 seconds.
6. Remove the jumper wire from the Keyless Programming Connector and switch ignition OFF.

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