1991 Buick Reatta Remote Programming Procedure

Factory Remote – get one here

Before starting the process have both transmitters at hand. Failing to make use of both transmitters through the programming will render the omitted fob not working. When you are only programming one fob then program it as remote 1 and again as remote 2.
The whole programming process has to be completed within Thirty seconds of grounding VAC reprogramming connector (step 2). If the procedure isn’t completed then start over at step 1.

1. Turn the ignition to ON.
2. Look in the trunk beneath the rear shelf between the place that the speakers are mounted. Ground the green single wire VAC connector located at the keyless entry receiver module (see diagram).
3. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock on their own indicating you have entered programming mode.
4. Push UNLOCK on remote 1 twice (pause one second between presses.)
5. Wait for door locks to lock and unlock automatically.
6. Repeat step 4 through 5 for remote 2.
7. Remove ground wire from green connector.

Trouble-shooting: In the event the receiver isn’t found on the back shelf then look for it inside the trunk just over the left wheelwell.

Battery for this remote | Cover to protect remote

Relevant Part numbers: ABO0502T, GLQ9Z6-1507, 22100943, 22100944, 22100945, 22110689, 22100951

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