Key Fob Programming Procedures
Bought a car key or key fob online but it didn't come with instructions? Search using the dropdowns to find the right programming procedure.

Free Smart Key Keyless Entry Remote Programming Instructions

Many vehicles have customer programmable programming procedures that don’t require tools or special knowledge.  You can use this website to locate the correct instructions for your key fob or car key. Some vehicles will require an automotive locksmith with special equipment to perform the programming on your vehicle. If your vehicle is one of those you can use the Find A Locksmith link in the navigation of this website to find a locksmith in your zip code.

Key Fob and Car Key Programming Procedures

You have bought your key fob, now what? We provide free programming instructions for everyone, even if you did not buy from us (you missed out on our quality!).  Hopefully, this helps you with your key fob programming. If you need a replacement key fob we are the key fob experts! We have instructions for factory remotes and keys, aftermarket remotes, and more…